Silent Efforts

Every morning on my way to office , I come across a middle aged man (may be around 40) , standing outside the crowded London charing cross station and trying his best to sell the ‘not so easy to sell’ god knows what magazine…..Its not the magazine that draws my attention every morning…Its his unique techniques that make me smile every morning…to be true..sometimes a great inspiration..and helping vanish my ‘morning blues b4 reaching the office’

so dedicated , not bothered about his image..he tries out all sorts of antiques…stands on one toe..stands like a lady..calls out to un attentive ears of busy passer by’s..and everyday its a different pose….its a different tactics…n the most inspiring thing is his big smile…just big enough to show that he’s happy doing what he is!!….I want to once stop by and ask him…how many copies does he sell…I doubt he does sell any…..but if not wht is it that gives him a new hope each day……

Now the other day I visited superdrugs ..again on my way back from office….trying to look for that ‘perfect’ lip gloss i have been trying to get my hands on for ages…

came across another example of  going that extra bit…..a very nice store assistant..(think it was mariah) who came to help..standing with me…advising me on each colour i tried…running around to get me different colours…well…I am just a normal buyer..trying to buy something costing hardly 10£ …

I would say I finally could get the gloss I wanted and was sooo happy…just because of her efforts..and I guess the happiness & satisfaction she felt by helping me get what Ineeded was a lot more… 🙂 these small incidents do certainly remind me to give my best shot without thinking of the results !!

{PS: this is my first post..but wht better way to start it than giving kudos to such silent efforts ..}

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