The billion dollar mark

The world acknowledges that India is doing  great.Sailing confidently through the troubled times and emerging successfully from the crisis, an economy that posted an average growth rate of ~ 7% in the past 2 years; has ample opportunities for all.Not only does India have conglomerates expanding their portfolio and reaching international markets; small/mid-sized growing companies have also done great even in tough times!

Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion 2010 Forbes list features 39 Indian companies this year as that of just 20 companies last year.

List of companies:

List of companies


  • The list includes a wide range of companies with sales from US$ 9MIL to US$ 878MIL

Industry Wise Breakup

  • With India know for its ICT companies/skills …we see Maximum number of companies from Software & Services sector appearing in the list
  • Apart from IT Companies from varied segments including Manufacturing, Healthcare,Media,Retail,Oil & Gas represent the growing companies of India..
  • Though there are no companies from the Financial Services or Banking or Insurance sector in the list..(need to research WHY….)

Hope more Indian companies feature in the list soon (China has ~ 70 companies) ; also more consolidation is needed towards the topline.

It is certainly an achievement and pride for all who have featured in the list…but only time would say how many of these companies can keep up the growth momentum to achieve the BILLION DOLLAR MARK in the near future….adding to India’s growth.

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