when you are feeling really weak
with hoplessness andwith  despair streak,
nothing seems working right
and you are certainly out of your mind,
tears seem to cloud your vision
and everything seems beyond reason;

its best to sit quite for a while,
doing nothing even when things are driving you wild,
just take a deep breath
and look at the empty space beneath
ya its sad that you are all by your self
but look again , this time with all your faith
you might see a divine light
oh may be not through your natural sight
but through things that bring us delight

like a mothers warm hug
like springs refreshing snug
like a lovers knowing smile
like a friends naughty guile
like a fathers supporting hands
like a sisters innocent rant!

if nothing still seems right
and nothing is comforting to make you feel light
just look within and look no beyond
this life is yours and you are its only James Bond
believe in your self and heed to no one else
stand up for your cause and smile whatever it may cost
and bet life is gonna smile back at you…just like there is always the bright summer after every winter’s cold dew.

Arpita Rath|| 11/10/2010


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