A Day day day….

ring ring ring
the alarm rings every morning

yawn yawn yawn
feel lazy to get up in the dawn

run run run
run n get everything done

at eight eight eight
board the train on the right hand side

nine nine nine
send mails with your opine

ding dong ding
keep working with no time to think

yum yum yum
have lunch with an office chum

three three three
attend meetings with a jiffy

five five five
light tea to soothe the head so heavy

eight eight eight
time to show you are getting late late late

home home home
lie down on the bed and stare at the ceiling on on on

sing sing sing
while cook food n  cleaning utensils

uff uff uff
again its 12 12 12 and i am still not in bed

trin tring tring…the alarm rings again…

ha ha ha
TGI friday day day!!!!!!!

PS: try to read like the nursery rhyme ding dong bell

Poet:Arpita Rath


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