Baggage is just a baggage
Whatever its form
Wahtever its size
A baggage is just a baggage
that better be left behind

Physical ones give you pain
but they do quickly wane
with someones helping hand
or by rubbing some soothing brand

Mental ones are the real killer
Smart and stealthy
they come into your mind slowly
at times unknown
they remind us of things far gone
of no use,
yet difficult to refuse;
stay and linger day in and out
and come out often
like an ugly thunderous burst of dark cloud!

Baggage is a baggage better left behind
coz healthy living is what we should all subscribe!!
Nothing is more important than tonight
so leave the unnecessary baggage behind
and see your life filled with energetic light
coz only then will you feel bright  🙂

Penned by || Arpita Rath
Date || 05 Dec 2010

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