Food and Movies

2 things I love the most : Good Food and Great Movies.

So when I attempted to write a blog…I thought of including both of these.

About Food: I am very very choosy.When I eat out:The food , the ambience, the experience,the service everything has to be my way…so I tend to be naturally critical about food and hence,I can comment on food and restaurants. (check out the Food Review section)

About Movies:It’s the other way round, I just love movies-be it comedy,tragedy,romance,action,drama or short film…anything.Because movies help me just relax and not think of anything that’s happening with me.It makes me think about some character in the movie, laugh with them / cry with them…Its pure entertainment.And hence I end up watching and liking (until it bores me to death)almost all the movies. Hence this is something I really can’t critique coz that would mean me concentrating on watching something which I actually watch to ‘not concentrate at all’!

Hence, though I watch almost all the weekly releases (thanks to my Cineworld Unlimited Card); I would sometimes rate here those that bored me the most/interested me the most!!

Lovely Watching & Hogging to all 🙂

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