Moti Mahal,UK

Moti Mahal is a well known brand
when it comes to UK’s Indian restaurants predominant
Anirudh Arora is its chef well known
and the site calls him a prodigy (now grown ;))

covent garden is where I ate
admiring the Hussain’s painting that was so great
loved the creative salad plate
especially with tangy masala kept
that we loved to further grate!
kakara’s and poppadams were fun to have
as they were accompanied by chutneys of many variants

Murg Nazakat is what we ordered
looked colourful and hot in a rounded pot
but slightly bland to my taste
wished they had put more chilli into the marinated paste!
Gosht ka salan was thick and soft
enjoyed having it with biryani well cooked.

the bill was about 200£/for 4
that included 4 starters/maincourses/nan and
few glasses of wine to be fair!(menu and Cost)

Quality and quantify will rate as average
as it did not  amaze me as the best
the staff needs a bit more training
as 3-4 guys were simultaneously catering
making things very confusing

certainly will recommend it
as worth a try
Moti Mahal was nice and warm
but I would not personally visit it again
if given a chance!!

PS: the food was nice and different just that not exactly what a expected (plus I am an Indian and hence we are used to more spicy food and authentic indian taste) compared to the reviews I had read!Creativity in the menu card, in the presentation while serving is certainly a key USP of the place.

Happy eating!

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