Cooking this weekend

I am eagerly waiting for the office to get over today.Of course, it is Friday and its 4PM (and I am blogging); so just cant wait to get home and relax over the weekend.

But this weekend is a bit more special.I am cooking.Well I do cook often but that is just to cook myself a dinner /lunch and mostly a quick cooking is all I do.But this weekend I am planning to cook a nice three course meal!!!! (Highly inspired my many of the shows I am watching off late: Come dine with me; Master Chef India; Jamie Oliver’s shows )


Starters (havent yet decided-will chose between chicken cutlet/cauliflower masala)
Main Course: Roti(indian bread) + Mutton(lamb) Curry (Orissa style) + plain rice + stuffed peppers
(Its usual in my hometown to have 2-3 dishes with roti/rice)
Dessert: Ice cream with Blue Berries (well that’s hardly cooking ;)/my home-made dessert with left over chocolates and biscuits!!

The most important thing is the planning 🙂 putting it all together.And let me tell you I am cooking all this for the first time.The stuffed peppers and the mutton curry will be crucial to the success of my main course.Cooking mutton curry(Orissa style) is a laborious task and takes about 2 hours of cooking!!(but I have a plan ;)) Stuffed peppers really not sure what to stuff!!

Also this weekend I am venturing into the local Sainsbury opened nearby!!I am excited-during college days I used to shop only from Sainsbury but after shifting to London, I have been shopping at Tesco(well have no problem with that, but its a bit far from my home).

So I am also excited about shopping at the new local Sainsbury to find all the fresh stuff  I want for cooking my weekend 3 course.The only disappointment is chicken/mutton is also found as either packs of legs/breasts/wings etc.I want a whole chicken/lamb diced with all sorts of pieces.For that will have to visit a butcher.

So hopefully the dinner is a success!!Will post pictures of the dishes and recipes too …sooonnnn.

Have a great weekend. 🙂

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