Crazy Layered Custard

So my last post was about cooking this weekend… and all that glittery menu…did I manage to finish it!!!Lets see.

First- I started Friday night with my very own dessert recipe – believe me very own!!! and the thing that inspired me to do it was

  1. Not to waste food
  2. Organise my fridge
  3. And last but the most important-get CREATIVE!!!-Thats why it’s named CRAZY 😉

So here is what I made …


  1. Single Cream
  2. Chocolate-Any (I had a kit-Kat + some other left old chocs in my fridge)
  3. Some left biscuits (I used few digestives and few choco-cookie biscuits)
  4. 8-10 tbsp ice-cold black coffee(coffee in hot water-cooled)
  5. Sugar -4 heaped spoons
  6. 6-7 tbsp of orange juice
  7. 2 round pieces of swiss roll vanilla cake(or any other soft cake available)
  8. few blackberries(or any other fruit-colourful)


  • Brew water, prepare coffee,add sugar and dissolve in coffee and keep it in fridge
  • Cut the chocolate pieces
  • Powder the biscuits (I put all in a neat poly bag and used a heavy object to crush it)

  • Put the chocolate pieces,coffee syrup,(extra sugar if needed),crushed biscuits,orange juice and single cream in a blender
  • Mix it well
  • Remove in a bowl , wrap it with a foil and keep it overnight in the fridge (not freezer)
  • The mixture will be not very thick due to the single cream used at night
  • In the morning it would be set and thickened a bit (something like a CUSTARD)
  • Cut the swiss roll cake into thin slices
  • Place the swiss roll cake piece in a serving bowl (one per bowl)
  • Pour equal amounts of the set mixture into the serving bowls
  • For decoration-grate chocolate on the bowls (also can grate a bit of orange rind for more colour), and place berries (strawberry would have looked better but did not have them in the fridge) on top
  • And oh la la…the CRAZY LAYERED CUSTARD is ready (and of course you have guessed why it is called LAYERED!!)

Believe me I did not have the guts to taste it till the guests arrived!!! and Wow they were happy with it…loved it(think more because of my efforts 😉 than the taste) well well…it was nice and I loved it too…Worth a try , when you have few biscuits and chocolates left in the fridge; just experiment – use mint/lemon to flavour the dish instead of orange etc…

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