Thank God its Friday-Tomorrow!!!

Yes, I have never so eagerly waited for friday on a Thursday.Many a time when I am just happy to finish a week at work and just relax, I just feel its TGIF!!But this time its different….

All my energy is drained, I am tired (think both mentally and Physically) of the hard work and the work that has lead to no where!!Worse after all these months of toiling I am at the same place!!

So I am looking forward to the friday to finish up and escape the world and snug in my bed!!!Awwwwww sad….no not so sad…

Coz I am also looking forward to the friday more eagerly to collect energy to start on a fresh note.So I need that break, break from office /break from people where I can sit down and decide what to do and what not to do!!

And more importantly to try and gain courage from within to carry on nonchalantly till I reach my goal.I know doing now is better than waiting for tomorrow.But you need that break…That Friday evening and That Sunny Saturday (hopefully its sunny ;)) before you emerge out of no where and decide the place that will help you go somewhere.

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