First Jamie Oliver Try – Salmon Fry

This is my first trial of a Jamie Oliver recipe .Must agree was easy, simple and quick!!


Salmon Fry

  • Wash salmon and cut into 3-4cm wide slices (for fast cooking)
  • Drizzle some olive oil, salt and pepper on the salmon slices.
  • Rub one teaspoon any Indian curry paste on it either side .(Jamie used tikka masala, I like my fish spicy and hence used Kashmiri Masala Curry Paste (Hot) – Pataks)
  • Keep them aside for 4-5mins (of course the longer time they are marinated better, but this is a quick recipe)
  • Heat a pan, drizzle with some (2 tbsp) olive oil(any cooking oil)
  • Shallow fry salmon for 2 minutes on either side

Raita (Indian yoghurt Salad)

In a bowl mix one cup of yoghurt, with some diced cucumbers (you can use boiled small potatoes , or cherry tomatoes too),salt,pepper


Buy some garlic nan (or any other nan you like) and heat it on a pan for 1 min each side

To Serve:

  • Put the Nan on the plate
  • Put 2-3 slice of salmon on top of it
  • squeeze some lemon on top of the salmon (optional)
  • pour 2 tablespoon of  raita on it
  • serve with some greens/ cherry tomatoes on the side
  • A glass of wine will do no harm!!


2 Responses to “First Jamie Oliver Try – Salmon Fry”
  1. amitgirdhar says:

    Oh…mouth watering! and looks very healthy too…

    Any receipes on river fishes?

    • arwanderingthoughts says:

      Thanks Amit, Yes have few recipe of rohu fish (Indian river fish) too…will post soon…

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