A dangerous place to live!

Came across this article before couple of minutes:

The world’s most dangerous countries for women (http://www.trust.org/trustlaw/news/special-coverage-the-worlds-most-dangerous-countries-for-women)

India is the 4th dangerous country for women to live in after Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan.

India, my country, featuring in it; makes me feel sad and scared.With many of my family members (sister,cousins ,friends) living across the country makes me worried.

The facts given by Trustlaw for India are the following: 


Female foeticide, child marriage and high levels of trafficking and domestic servitude make the world’s largest democracy the fourth most dangerous place for women, the poll showed.

* 100 million people, mostly women and girls, are involved in trafficking in one way or another, according to former Indian Home Secretay Madhukar Gupta.

* Up to 50 million girls are “missing” over the past century due to female infanticide and foeticide.

* 44.5 pct of girls are married before the age of 18.”

These facts are shocking, as I thought child marriage ,infanticide are things of the past…when people were not educated and bound by social pressures that lead to irrational actions.The literacy rate has risen by 9.2% in 2011 to reach around 74%(IBN NEWS). But looks like contrary to the belief education has nothing to do with crime and human rights. It’s the age-long illogical ‘so called cultural beliefs’, thoughts of the past that still haunt the modern India.

In addition to the above problems of early marriage,trafficking, these days a new barbaric act of honour killing is becoming a fashion in the country.And this happening to the most educated of the lot like the 23 year old journalist Nirupama Pathak (A blog on Issue of Honour Killing).Dowry is no longer an issue not because it is not present but has over the time become acceptable to everyone.Some of my very close female friends proudly flaunt the fact that their parents have gathered all their lives hard earned savings to shower them with ‘presents’.

Yes its sad that India is dangerous place for women to live .Walking on the streeets after 7pm or even driving a car alone at night is unacceptable.The so called police who should be the protectors sometimes are the predators (refer for few facts/stories).

I think women safety is an issue in every country world-wide, not just in India.The other 3 countries ranked by Trsutlaw (Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan) clearly have economical and social issues.And hence, it is apprehensive that they are  breeding places for criminals.

But what makes me think and feel aghast is that few issues like infanticide,child marriage and honour killings are still causing deaths of many women in India….They were supposed to be crimes of the past.

India is growing in every front;in terms of economic growth,literacy rates,employment scenario.But the respect for women as a human  is still missing.Women are still entangled in the burdens of the past , the so called ‘cultures and beliefs’ of the present.I wish India grows in real terms and every human feels safe in its abode.

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