Double Dhamaal (Dhamaal2) reveiw

A comedy film for a ‘dim wit chaotic audience’.

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The film starts with a small recap of the finale of Dhamaal1!!We all remember dhamaal 1 for its hilarious original comedy; that was the reason we came to watch the ‘not so awesome’ 4 flop actors the second time and of course the other reason being the talented Sanjay Dutt.

Dhamaal 2 did disappoint me a lot as it missed both the elements.

It did not have any very original comedy – (of course some cheap slang like tukiya,gandul etc…) and (some pathetic mimicry of veteran actors) did make the crowd burst into occasional cheers.But truly it was an effort after a while.
Sanjay dutt, was a mere spectator all through the movie as you expect such a man to keep pulling off tricks and not just be a bystander and get duped!! I think the director/script writer (whoever is technically responsible) did realise this in the end!! So rather than showing Sanjay dutt’s intelligence in acting, they just made him say that ‘hey its actually me who pulled off the trick’…ha ha ha…was that hilarious…!!

The 2 glamour queens- Mallika Sherawat and Kangana Ranaut, were alright!! Mallika was looking glamorous whereas Kangana was a mere side actress.After her success as main stream heroine in recently hit Tanu weds Manu , did not expect her to take up a side role.

Well music was good.The title track was good.If I had to select few scenes which i liked aka laughed would be- the phone noise and action that Hritesh Deshmukh makes, the gorilla romantic scene!!

so all in all a saturday afternoon timepass , 3/10 rating.

They ended it by saying that they will again try to take revenge in Dhamaal3!! I hope that would be a lot better with some brighter characters.

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