Buddha Hoga Tera Baab

July 1st, eagerly waiting for the release of Delhi Belly….But oops no tickets….but what a saving grace, We have another Bollywood flick right next door  – Buddha Hoga Tera Baab .Well that’s what sums it all, go to the movie with nothing else to do /as a substitute to something else that is not possible to do!!

With no expectation in mind and if you are able to bear the first 40-45 mins of the movie, it will be worth the wait.

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Senior Bachchan‘s character(Vijju in the movie-a gangster)  is a total mis-match for his age.I am not saying this…he himself reiterates it twice in the movie.True, in the beginning it is quite boring and it seems like Big B is trying really hard to act ‘kool’.But as the movie progresses Big B and the Director have managed to keep the calm and cool persona of Vijju intact throughout the film.And you will slowly start liking the Character.The kool persona is intact when he meets his wife after a long time, when he sets up his son’s marriage by firing bullets at his to be FIL and even when his son (by the way its Sonu Sood) is shot and is in hospital.The way Vijju slowly tells a story and ‘Coolie'(coolly,pun intended) kills all the other gangsters is really cool.

So what is not so kool!!Everything else…The movie has literally no story, you feel like you have watched a daily TV soap, there is no logic, nothing touches your heart, nothing makes you laugh your guts out , nothing significant basically.Few comedy scenes put here and there (songs Raveena vs Hema//asking landlady to stand on stool //6th sense) are not actually comedy – they might be Pathetic Jokes to many!!

Hema Malini deserves a mention, she looks graceful and lovely. Raveena’s comeback is rather silly.No one else is worth mentioning.

Certainly a time pass but how much you enjoy the movie is directly proportional to how silly you want to get.I suggest better have a laugh than try to find a logic or relate.

One Response to “Buddha Hoga Tera Baab”
  1. amitgirdhar says:

    Ultimately boring….

    Should had slept from start itself

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