Bhag D.K.Bose to Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly

Bhag Bhag …….To theatres 🙂

(Photo Courtsey : WIKIPEDIA, delhi belly)

So much has been said about it already and I am so late blogging about the comedy,situation demands I keep it short and simple ,void of any lengthy dramatics.Not writing about this movie at all will be a waste of my attempt at nurturing my reviewing skills !!

True …this is one amazing release of the year (after the other Dilli flick Chalo Dilli) .

False that swearing is what it is all about (so much controversy for publicity believe me )!! Swearing is the last thing you will remember about the movie.I vouch that I hardly swear and don’t even know some swear words used liberally in the movie….With my background & knowledge on swear laid out..let me tell you that the swear words are so beautifully imbibed in the script that it just goes with the flow.You expect any boy/girl of this age living with friends to speak like that unknowingly.Not a single one is said for the sake of it….Situational it is 🙂

True…The plot/story is not sooo wonderful. It’s just a simple plot, but the simple story is told in such a practical manner that the movie seems true.It just seems like one fine day you could get up and this could happen…..

False that Imran has again acted with no emotions.He is brilliant….Everyone is for that matter 🙂 (Excluding Aamir…we did not need that song for the movie to catch our eye:P)

True.. You will laugh your guts out!!


If you are someday just sitting doing nothing, or have too much to do with not knowing where to start, or are too serious to see the brighter side of life or are too funny to see the darker plights….please Bhag Bhag…..and see this movie for respite 🙂 (yes it is 100% rewatchable )

That is all for now . Good night

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