Bodyguard (Hindi,2011) Review

Bodyguard- A perfect festive release !! 3 star 🙂

Source: (Bodyguard, Official Website)

Body guard, the Bollywood release of EID, is a perfect holiday entertainer.

Starring: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor – two of my favourite actors, the movie was an absolute pleasure to watch.Keeping aside my love for the sexy Salman (He certainly looks much younger in this) and the ravishing Kareena, let me just give a brief feel of the movie!!

The story as the name suggests centres around the life of a bodyguard-Lovely Singh (Salmaan),who is appointed to protect Divya(Kareena) by her father (Raj Babbar)  to safeguard her from few local goons. Continuing the trend from recent Salmaan movies like Dabaang and Ready, Bodyguard too features power packed over the top action, the Salmaan one liner’s and his cool handling of scary situations.Added bonus to this Salmaan release is  the graceful presence of Kareena and a slightly ‘different’ love story. The story is not as mindless as the recent releases of ‘Buddha hoga tera baap’ or for that matter  not as over the top as ‘Ready’.It has some suspense and drama added and hence can be termed as a nice family entertainer.

The music of the movie by Himesh Reshammiya have already topped the Bollywood charts.Do reach on time not to miss the title song and the Katrina Dance number, followed by the situational ‘I love you’ and the Feet tapping ‘Desi Beat’. The picturisation of ‘Teri Meri’ was equally stunning and again Kareena has done her bit by looking gorgeous.

Though here I must warn you that the movie is a total entertainer but not a must watch, it has a nice story but not an impactful movie.The second half especially gets a bit dull with lot of drama and highly sensible dialogues from a 6-year-old kid!! The comedy element of the movie is bearable with intelligent guess like ‘Parvati Nambiyar’ but sometimes trying too hard to make you laugh with a Fat guy trying to sit on a lady in a bus!!

So, all in all it’s a nice family entertainer of the year – way better that Aarakshan / Delhi Belly /Ready . Of course a must watch for Salman and Kareena Fans.


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