Happy Ganesh Chaturthi,

As I sit and enjoy a cup of hot tea, let the sun warm my face and look through the window of my apartment; I feel a unique kind of excitement and happiness.Along with the sun and tea its the memories of India thats warms me. The vivid visuals of coloured new clothes, people crowding the streets, sweet shops filled with customers, huge ‘pandals’ and idols of lord ganesha;the sound of air filled with loud music ,enthusiasm and Ganpati Morya chants; and the smell of savories , incense sticks and flowers are haunting me today.

I have never felt such a longing to belong there. If I try and recollect my days back home,  have always enjoyed the holiday, the new dress and the good food.Been complacent with lying back and reading a book.But today, far away sitting at in a foreign country, watching out of the window I feel so connected to the festival, to the people, to the culture.

Did my bit by cleaning the house the night  before, arranging for pooja and getting up early to do some prayers.Also prepared coconut ladoo 🙂 .But still the heart is not satisfied it looks to the door for a neighbour’s call for sharing some sweets, or to the setting dusk to visit a pandal around the streets….As I sit and enjoy a cup of hot tea, I thankgod for sending me away from home where I can realise Thee!!

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