Ladoo for Lord in 15 mins

This Ganesh Chaturthi, I made some ladoo for the lord….many of my friends have been asking me how it was and whats the recipe…so thought will quickly write it..

  • Put a non stick bowl on gas (at very low flame)
  •  add 2 cups desicated coconut (fresh is better if you get) to it
  •  fry for 1 min
  •  In the same cup add 1/2 cup sugar to the bowl
  •  add 100gms condensed milk
  •  add 2 tsp cardamom powder
  •  mix well for 10 mins or till the water evaporates of the mixture and all the cocunut has blend together
  •  let it cool for 5 mins (dont cool it too much else it will harden in pan before you can make balls !!)
  •  In a bowl take some cold water and moisten your hand with water
  • Take a heapful of mixture on palm (please be might be too hot…) and make round ladoo shaped balls
  • Let it set for 30 minutes…..

Ready to eat, keep in an air tight container, do not refregirate,edible for a week after making.

Refer to my earlier post for the ladoo pic 🙂

(you can also place the mixture on a greased plate and cut into cubes for cube shaped coconut burfis)

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