Mausam evoked no emotions !! -Movie Review

Mausam, Bollywood, 2o11- 1 and 1/2 star 

Starring- Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor , Anupam Kher and a  few others.


Mausam,  the directorial debut of veteran actor Pankaj Kapur, did convey the message that acting and directing are two different cup of teas not meant to be swapped. Before I goon  to rant about why I have given a movie just less than 2 star which I hardly do (even Buddha hoga tera baap managed to get more than that!!) let me mention the plus points.

A very intense and confident performance from Shahid kapoor. He is for the first time looking the real man  (in Jab we met he was too cute and in Kaminey too much gym muscles), he is in his elements, confident and focussed on acting.He delivered the worst of the dialogue in the best possible manner trying to convince the audience his ‘ intoxication for life is far greater than whisky’ 😉

A second mention is for Sonam Kapoor, who has again done a fabulous job in a de-glam role.She looks nice, isn’t over acting and fits the role to the ‘T’.

The songs are good – well just the one’s that are popular- Rabba and Saj Dhaj Ke……

The movie also has some more veteran actors like Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak .

Shot at beautiful location like Switzerland and Scotland; and captured some nice flight sequences of the Indian Airforce.

Wait I am not giving a 1.5 star and then praising the movie!!Dont get carried away by the lovely romantic songs, the powerful acting and the perfect star cast! In sab pe pani phir gaya!!

What lures in the background of all this is an impulsive compulsion to incorporate sadness in every scene (even when you are shooting around snow-clad mountains), a very confused pathetic storyline, a very  amature dialogue , a nerve twisting and patience testing direction!

There has been too much effort to have a piece of everything and deliver nothing – social message, romance, jokes, compassion, coolness, bravery etc.The movie moves slower than the good trains of the  Indian Railways and is stuck with the obsession of un-discoverable romance).

The first 30 mins of the movie i.e ,till the time Aayat’s (Sonam) family leave for Mumbai,  you are entertained thoroughly.The jokes of friends in ganne ke khet, the crush of a cute girl and the madness of Harry(Shahid) all seems cute and nice…All this to be suddenly sent into a lullaby of boring ‘hide  n seek’ rhythm and incomprehensible dialogues like ‘ mujhe jeene ka nasha hai, jab jeene ka nasha utarta hai to charon taraf ujala hota hai’ , ‘ tum ne kuch khoya, maine kuch khoya aur is bachi ne kuch khoya ab chalo hum sab milke ghar banaye’!!! Gosh if I call it purana jamana, it will be an insult to the legendary dialogue writers who wrote movies like sholay or angoor!!

I ,the ever so hopelessly romantic person, so emotional and full of love for movies…never cried, laughed, got angry or felt sad in the rest 2.5 hours of the movie.

Mausam made the entire theatre laugh at the most pathetic of the moments, yawn at the most beautifully shot locations and get out of the hall with a relief of the drama finally having ended! So all in all a good cast can do nothing (everyone is not Amitabh Bachan or Aamir Khan), if the director just sleeps off while directing!!

Dont waste your time getting bored , bore yourself staying home instead!

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