Write a Poem

I want to write a poem
because it’s just been long
I always write something and sing it along,
often when it is cloudy and find myself on a road unknown.
But the lines don’t come easily to me
not this time,
not as it usually does
not as it rhymes!
the road I am treading seems blurred
and my vision absurd
I have stopped thinking
and just keep blinking
life is not sad nor is it bad
infact it’s so positive with the slight err of a passing fad,
entangled with some analog thoughts
that sines in my heart
still overcast like a passing cloud in the dark….
I just felt like writing a poem
rather than gazing afar,
to try search my soul
and look at the crystal ball
through the tiny foggy hole
en route to my goal!
Arpita Rath

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