Dreams and Dreams…………..

When the weather is chilly

and it’s windy and raining silly;                                                                                 

In the midst of summer

It should have been warmer!

London seems so dull

And you are so lull….

Its weekend on top of that                                                                        

and you hope , you never had to work so hard

Just rest in your bed so high

like a princess who is so shy…

Read a book , the one you like

I would pick a romantic flick,

the pages take you to the land of dreams                               

where you can dance on the mountains high

or run through the grasslands under the shining sky,

where you will have a handsome prince around

to help you gallop away amidst the floating clouds!

Oh ya it’s silly, but not as chilly

Coz you have a coffee brewing by your side

and the blanket is keeping you warm inside          

then could I have a smile on my face

Ah, it’s these little moments in life                                                                          

that give you your space

and help you sleep in night with a baby’s grace!


Happy weekend!

08/06/2012, AR

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