I Just Had it….

Salad QuickUsually what do I have while watching a football or cricket match….KFC chicken bukets, grilled finger foods, kebabs, burgers and coke…or a beer!!! ya the usual….But today…with a long match of over 120  minutes and not a single goal!!! to be frank my eyes are paining!!

England and Italy are tired and so am I but the hope is still on as penalty’s are being hit …exactly when I am writing this!!(Rooney just hit his goal in the penalty shoot out), So here was my quick fix for dinner.Dont misss the match, but eat healthy for a change and liven your tired eyes!!


1 can chick peas

few baby potatoes (boiled, I used the can)

few thin slices of onion

1 chopped tomato

1 thinly sliced radish

1 cubed cucumber

little ginger grated

1 big lemon juice

1 chilli finely sliced

season with salt , pepper and olive oil!!

And the topping a good healthy boiled egg!!

Enjoy (oh match ended….England lost …Not saying how i feel good or bad :P)

Quick Egg and ChickPeas Salad

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