Late night sweet craving…malpua (Indian dessert)

All of us are very very familiar with this…it’s late I mean around 10pm (not that late), but well I have had a quick dinner, watched all recorded telly and spent hours on social media. Still it’s one of those nights where I am sleepy but not, lazy but not.
My soul searching for something comforting,…My mind wanders off to my child hood holidays. Every summer we spent a whole month with my grand parents.Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in a small beautiful village of Orissa.So much fun I had playing on the muddy roads, roaming in the scorching sun with tons of cousins, bathing in the river, the list is endless.But one memory of my childhood is the closest to my heart, visiting the Tuesday weekly market with my grandfather. We would walk together listening to each other’s stories.on reaching the market he would make me sit in his friends sweet shop.All him to give me all I needed.He used the time to shop and then when done pick me up from the shop.on way back we could not always manage to get a rickshaw back and I vividly remember the image of he carrying me home on his shoulders…of course I was just a kid.opps did I forget to tell you what I ordered each time when in the shop…the same always, my fav.
Alu kasha (dum)

Yes….n tonight as my thoughts drifted to my village, my loving late grandfather and the yummy food, my tastebuds were craving for the sweet.little did I know that making malpua was so easy and took few minutes.


I looked up on internet at various recipes inhouse,Manjula,priya rasoi,sanjeev kapoor and then just learn the trick n made my own…


Take one cup Maida
Half cup dry milk powder
One tsp of cardamom powder
Few fennel seeds
Pinch of baking powder
Mix all ingredients in a bowl
Add water to make a liquid (not very thin,dosa type) consistency.
Keep aside
In a pan take 4tbsp oil for shallow frying
Take a big spoonful of batter and drop in oil to make a 6cm diameter round disc
Fry both sides till golden brown
Remove and keep on a tissue to soak oil.
Then soak in sugar syrup for a minute and take it out.
Lovely yummy malpuas are ready…

I finished 2 while cooking!!!

Well do look at some YouTube recipes referenced here to see the video description….

Back to blogging!!

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