Spicy Quick Prawns

I don’t cook just because I have to but because I love to.

Creativity, accomplishment, learning, focus, hard work, end to end results , relaxation, love, pleasing are few of the reasons I  developed a passion for cooking in just couple of years.

The recipes I blog about usually start with some anecdotes, as each dish I make ties me to something or someone. But today I give just a simple pure recipe no stories, no banter…. As this is my original brainchild and it’s tastes amazing.


Spicy tiger prawns

1. Buy some tiger prawns (about 350gms / 15 pieces). Yes that’s a must don’t go for the small size one.

2. I keep the shell and the tail on for flavour and presentation. You could remove it based on your choice.

3. Wash prawns.

4. In a large bowl make a marinade of 2tea spoon garlic paste, salt as per taste, pepper as per taste, 1tbsp. Gramflour (besan), 1tbsp oil ,mix all with the prawns.

5. Keep aside for at least an hour. Roast on non stick pan in medium to high flame till golden or charred on both sides.

Serve with red onions and lime wedges. 

Add little bit oil if required but the oil was already added in the marinade and will help in cooking. I did not add any extra oil. Cook each side for 3 mins.. The pan should be very hot in the beginning and then slow down the flame a bit.

Let me know how did it taste.

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