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Often wonder… 

The lightness of my tummy  Is it my long walks, or did I lose you!  The moistness of my eyes  Is it the loss of hope, or the resolve to be positive!  The sudden quietness  Is it me staying calm, or just loss of words!  Not sure of future or its my fault in the … Continue reading

Spicy Quick Prawns

I don’t cook just because I have to but because I love to. Creativity, accomplishment, learning, focus, hard work, end to end results , relaxation, love, pleasing are few of the reasons I  developed a passion for cooking in just couple of years. The recipes I blog about usually start with some anecdotes, as each … Continue reading


Somethings Come to end. It just takes a second To erase all built over years, Not necessarily for the worse But does evolve some fears. A new change ,a new wave Not in anyone’s control, But given wings by perspectives And dreams that behold. Suddenly all alone But not lonely or gone, Feels like high … Continue reading

Late night sweet craving…malpua (Indian dessert)

All of us are very very familiar with this…it’s late I mean around 10pm (not that late), but well I have had a quick dinner, watched all recorded telly and spent hours on social media. Still it’s one of those nights where I am sleepy but not, lazy but not. My soul searching for something … Continue reading

I Just Had it….

Usually what do I have while watching a football or cricket match….KFC chicken bukets, grilled finger foods, kebabs, burgers and coke…or a beer!!! ya the usual….But today…with a long match of over 120  minutes and not a single goal!!! to be frank my eyes are paining!! England and Italy are tired and so am I … Continue reading

Importing from Delhi…Easy and Simple Matar Paneer

Rajma Chawal, Kadi Chawal, Matar Paneer, Chole ,Gobi ke Parathe, Muli ka salad and……. Well favourite food of many I guess. Particularly in Delhi if not anywhere else! And believe me not a single item mentioned here will be ever desired longingly by a food loving girl who is from the eastern side of the … Continue reading

Dreams and Dreams…………..

When the weather is chilly and it’s windy and raining silly;                                                                                  In the midst of summer It should have been warmer! London seems so dull And you are so lull…. Its weekend on top of that                                                                         and you hope , you never had to work so hard Just rest in your bed so high … Continue reading

A bit of banter, a bit of cooking!

I retured to my blog today after a long time, expecting it to be dead – with 0 site visits! But yo! my spirits were up some search engines have been kind enough to direct people with prying searches to my deserted blog!Top search strings were looking for my wedding pics….I thought you needed to add me on my … Continue reading

Write a Poem

I want to write a poem because it’s just been long I always write something and sing it along, often when it is cloudy and find myself on a road unknown. But the lines don’t come easily to me not this time, not as it usually does not as it rhymes! the road I am treading … Continue reading

Mausam evoked no emotions !! -Movie Review

Mausam, Bollywood, 2o11- 1 and 1/2 star  Starring- Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor , Anupam Kher and a  few others.   Mausam,  the directorial debut of veteran actor Pankaj Kapur, did convey the message that acting and directing are two different cup of teas not meant to be swapped. Before I goon  to rant about why I … Continue reading